Phenom employees playing mini golf in the office
Phenom Core Values
We believe living and working with a purpose brings amazing benefits. That’s why our Core Values are at the heart of our company, nurturing our mindsets and guiding our daily decision. To inspire happiness and motivation, we encourage employees to live out these values not only in the office, but outside of the workplace as well
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Curious raccoon
Curiosity Constant innovation and improvement doesn’t just happen. It’s rooted in curiosity, which drives our motivation to explore, question, and wonder. ​​​​​​​
Hands holding earth and sprouting plant
Responsibility The care and deep understanding for our product, customers, employees, and community.
Volcano erupting
Intensity High energy and drive are necessary for accomplishing our goals—and we have big goals!
Surfer riding a wave
Self Confidence We encourage people to be bold, and believe in our purpose to help a billion people find the right job.
Sunflower in the sunlight
Positive Thinking We love our jobs and you should too! The simple belief that people should come into work happy and inspired everyday, fuels our collective desire to accomplish our mission.