Phenom staff celebrating Holi

We love our jobs,
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And the CRISPiest is...

The Phenom family are an exceptional bunch, there’s no doubt about it. Every year we celebrate their contributions and collectively vote for the employees who demonstrate Phenom’s core values in their day to day work. The overall winner is crowned the CRISPiest!
Self Confidence
Positive Thinking

CRISPie Winners Q4 2020

Mor Peled
CRISPiest Paul Campman
CRISPiest Natalie McKnight
Juli Goldberg
Curiosity Robert Botman
Curiosity Ellen Hughes
Responsibility Keren Fleischer
Responsibility Vishnu Bharath Bandari
Responsibility Maxime Smits
Responsibility Lauren Stern
Intensity Ido Zur
Intensity Ravi Mriki
Intensity Ljuba Bogdanovich
Intensity Ryan Onopa
Self Confidence Maya Yogev
Self Confidence Patrik Heggberg
Self Confidence Devin Foster
Positive Thinking Tair Malka