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Join our movement to help a billion people find the right job.

We are driven to fulfill our purpose. The key to our success? Our people. If you have a drive to work with a technology driven industry leading company in a talent management space, you may be the next Phenom employee. 

Here's what you can expect in our application process.
Learn how to put your best foot forward in our application and interview process. Understanding the culture of the company you are applying to and your skills as a candidate is key to presenting yourself as the right talent for a job opportunity.

Know Us

Do your research. On our website, learn about our product and company culture. Follow us on social media to get a more robust picture. Reach out to LinkedIn connections, and if possible, talk to a current employee. Do you see yourself fitting into our culture? If so, read on!
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Talk to us

Before an in-person interview, we may ask you to submit interview questions by video. Writing out your past accomplishments and skills before an interview can help you remember to highlight them when you are in an interview. Whether the interview is virtual or in-person, relax and be yourself.
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Join Us

If you're a successful candidate, a job offer will be presented to you that outlines a robust package of benefits. Remember to consider both base salary and holistic benefits when considering the offer. If it's a fit, congratulations and welcome to the Phenom family!
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5 Simple Steps

At Phenom, we have opportunities accross the globe.  Depending on location our process may differ slightly but will always have the below core components.
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Step 1

Find the right job
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Step 2

Complete your profile and apply 
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Step 3

Speak with a Phenom talent acquisition partner 
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Step 4

Meet the hiring team 
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Step 5

Decide if this is the right job for you and sign your offer!

Our culture is anything but normal. At Phenom, we are driven by our 10 core values: Curiosity, Responsibility, Intensity, Self Confidence, Positive Thinking, Masters of Mind, Undoing and Unlearning, Integrators, Duties of a Leader and Customer Passion. Our core values are at the heart of our company, nuturing our mindsets and guiding our daily decisions. To inspire happiness and motivation, we encourage employees to live out these values not only in the office, but outside of the workplace as well.

We offer both remote and hybrid work options depending on the opportunity. Our recruiters will be able to confirm which model aligns to the opportunity you are intersted in.

Yes, please apply to the role(s) that align with both your interests and skillset. You will be evaluated against the requirements for each role and may interview for different roles at the same time.

Yes! Phenom has opportunities tailored to both students and new graduates. These roles are posted on our career site as they become available. 

Getting a work visa sponsorship will depend on the job requirements. We hire people from all countries and backgrounds, and each case is handled one by one to determine eligibility.

Questions? Connect with our talent acquisition team!

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Greg Chandler

Senior Manager, Executive Recruitment, Global
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Paul Liang

Global Practice Lead, Technical Recruiting
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Ranjith Badri

Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition, India
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Rajasekhar Yatham

Manager, Talent Acquisition, India
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