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Employee Wellness is important to us

Learn how Phenom can support you in your journey to creating a more purposful future.

Phenomenal Benefits 

Our benefits help you to find balance between work and life.
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Your Health

Physical and mental health and wellbeing are key to living a life with purpose.  That's why we offer many health and wellness benefits and programs to support holistic employee health and help you be the best version of yourself.
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Your Family Life

Time away to care for family is important, and sometimes happens within typical work hours.  That's why we offer flexible hours and working schedules, as well as parental leave for new parents.
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Total Rewards

Our compensation plan reflects our employees' experience, skills and talent.  In addition to a generous compensation package, we offer tons of perks and extras in every office and even to those who work remotely.
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Your Time to Recharge

Working with purpose means living a balanced life.  That's why we provide a generous vacation policy and holiday time off, allowing you to pursue your passions on your own schedule. 
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Wellness at Work

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Global Meditation

Join us for a weekly virtual global meditation led by our own meditation instructor.  Meditation is a powerful tool that can help deepen concentration, increase productivity and build emotional balance.  It can be a game changing practice to help lower stress and anxiety. 

All Hands Phenom Phridays 

Our weekly meetings are no snooze-fest.  Every Friday we bring everyone together to share information, celebrate wins and have some fun!

Employee Events 

Nothing is better than getting out of the office to bond with your co-workers.  We look for opportunities to bring our employee community together for a little fun.  With events like Phun Day, the Phamily Phun 5k walk or run event, volunteer community days and holiday celebrations.  There is always something around the corner! 

Employee Resource Groups 

Employee resource groups are an important way for us to value and advance diversity and inclusion at Phenom.  They are also a way for Phenom's to connect with colleagues in their community and sometimes even across the globe.  Making meaningful connections at work with people who share similar passions helps us live work with purpose.