Meet the Team Technical Solutions Our Technical Solutions (TSM) team is all about tackling complex business challenges, solving sticky technical problems, and providing expert consultation. Part technologists, part consultants, our TSM team plays a vital role in providing technical expertise for all major client projects.  Learn more about how this team may be the perfect fit for you.

Who We Are - Meet The Team

Sreeram Mantha VP Technical Solutions Have a question? Contact me
Jim Klein Sr. Director Technical Solutions Have a question? Contact me
Ted Dickinson Director of Technical Solutions Have a question? Contact me
Srikanth Ayyagari
Srikanth Ayyagari Director of Technical Solutions Have a question? Contact me
Timothy Boger
Timothy Boger Technical Solutions Manager Have a question? Contact me
Yemi Lediju
Yemi Lediju Technical Solutions Manager Have a question? Contact me
Sankar Subramanian Director of Technical Solutions Have a question? Contact me

TSM Job Responsibilities

Drive End-to-End Technical Discovery
  • Facilitate technical discussions with clients to develop targeted recommendations to maximize ROI
  • Tenaciously question, challenge assumptions, and analyze information to diagnose the root of an issue and get ahead of any client issues or roadblocks
  • Lead technical discovery with clients to gather requirements needed for platform integration
  • Drive technical integrations with larger tech companies, such as Microsoft, Activision Blizzard, GE, Honeywek, Thermo Fisher, & Arbys, Bass Pro Shops, more!
Build Technical Integrations
  • Serve as a subject matter expert on Phenom SaaS architecture, services, integrations, and best practices internally and in customer and sales calls.
  • Drive operational excellence and help the team scale by creating documentation, developing knowledge-sharing mechanisms, and improving internal processes.
  • Work with new ATS systems and flush out APIs and other data integrations
Develop Client Solutions
  • Effectively communicate complex technical requirements to internal and external audiences of varying levels of technical expertise
  • Serve as a expert in many subjects to best provide solutions for clients, including utilizing technical expertise to work with product teams, account and engagement teams, an implementation and development teams.
  • Utilize techical concepts to provide working solutions to clients- diagraming, external integrations, data flows
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Our Team

Ted Dickinson
Ted Dickinson
"If I had to sum up what it's like to be on the TSM team in three words, they would be:  Innovate, Learn, and  Communicate. Being a Phenom on the TSM team means working collectively to deliver innovative solutions that allow our customers to find the right talent and help people find the right job for them."
Srikanth Ayyagari
Srikanth Ayyagari
"Working at Phenom is exciting & challenging but ultimately gratifying as you are always solving problems, driving value realization of the product for our customers."
Timothy Boger
Timothy Boger
"Getting to work with a client before and after an implementation and seeing the impact Phenom is making to their organization is rewarding. When I can say I helped make something better, I walk away happy."